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[Learning] On January 8, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended and delivered an important speech on the theme of \"remembering the original ideals and aspirations and keeping in mind the mission \". This important speech has lofty ideas, profound ideas and rich connotations. It is political, ideological, theoretical and instructive. Xinhua news agency \"learning progress\" original brand column \"workshop\" for you to sort out the speech, quite profound \"golden sentence \", from which to interpret the general secretary's important requirements.


On January 8, at the beginning of the New Year, the \"remember the original ideals and aspirations, remember the mission\" theme education summary conference was held in Beijing. General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and made an important speech.


In this important speech, Xi Jinping fully affirmed the main achievements of theme education, profoundly summed up the new exploration and new experience of carrying out centralized education within the Party in the new era, made a comprehensive arrangement for consolidating and expanding the achievements of theme education, continuously deepening the Party's self-revolution, and continuously promoting the whole party's original ideals and aspirations and mission, and put forward clear requirements.


Open a world political history, how many political parties came to power, and the end. It is true to say that seeing him rise up Zhu Lou, watching him feast guests, watching his building collapse. Many of their failures are due to the achievement of success, Chengping long forgotten the initial heart. How can there be a bright future for a political party that forgets its first heart, its last resort, and its last resort? The Communist Party of China (CPC) has been in power for nearly 100 years and has been in power for 70 years. Because of this, the farther we go, the more we must take good care of the first heart. Xi Jinping's words are the revelation of history and reality and the best sobriety.


“The ideological and political examination" is a very vivid metaphor. If you don't have a regular physical examination, you will find it difficult to find problems with your body. To check which items, xi made it clear: with the party central committee to demand "standard ", party constitution and party rules" scan ", with the people's new expectations "perspective ", with the martyrs, advanced typical" contrast." It's "not for a while, it's a lifetime ". Only by constantly questioning the initial mind, guarding the initial mind everywhere, constantly examining, analyzing and reflecting on the ideological and political, constantly removing impurities, removing viruses and preventing pollution, can we always maintain a strong ideological and political physique, which is the "capital of revolution ".


This sentence is to keep pace with the times. If the thought still stays in the past, then can only use the old idea, the old way, the old way to deal with the new era's topic, how can the right way? Xi Jinping seriously stressed:\" keep pace with the times do not shout as slogans, to truly implement the thinking and action, cannot be'do not know Han, no matter Wei and Jin' in the peach blossom!\" Party members and cadres should have a sense of urgency to go out of the \"peach blossom \", eager to learn and practice, and keep up with the times. Xi said the biggest enemy of learning is self-satisfaction. We should all keep in mind that we should always warn ourselves.


A strong party was forged in the self-revolution. The courage to self-revolution, from strict management of the party, is precisely our party's most distinct character. Historically, our party has been able to make a living in times of crisis and correct itself by the courage to promote self-revolution. Self-revolution must rely on lofty revolutionary ideals and vigorous revolutionary fighting spirit, a slight decline in spirit, will violate the initial mind, forget the mission, will break through the bottom line of discipline and even crime. As the largest party in the world, our Party has no external force to overthrow us, but only ourselves. The ancients have said:\" easy to break the mountain thieves, broken heart thieves \", to break \"heart thieves \", we must always\" self-respect self-warning self-encouragement \",\" self-care, self-care, self-care, self-care, self-care.\"


A person or a political party, the most rare is to go through the vicissitudes of life and the original heart, weather-beaten and still true. The first heart is more easy to lose,\" a little less attention may be dust fade, long-unnourished will dry up withered \", so always keep the talent is precious. To achieve \"always \", we must guard the initial heart, self-cultivation of the initial heart throughout the entire work and life, develop a habit, into a realm. Xi stressed that \"not forgetting the original ideals and aspirations, keeping in mind the mission, must be the eternal task of strengthening the party building and the lifelong task of all party members and cadres,\" the intention is here.


Our Party has united and led the people through the mountains and rivers, and now we are about to build a well-off society in an all-round way and achieve the first century-old goal. In a New Year's message released not long ago, Xi told us that the long river of history is surging, with calm and choppy waves. The more you make achievements, the more careful you are to tread on thin ice, and the more you are to be vigilant. Since its birth, our party has always had a strong sense of suffering, not forgetting danger, not forgetting death and not forgetting happiness, so that we can turn the tide when the nation is in danger and keep its true character at a time of change.


Nowadays, among some Party members and cadres, problems that are unwilling to, dare not or will not bear exist to varying degrees. "Where else is there a Communist look? !” The Communists must bear the burden. This is both political and political. The new era is an era of a thousand sails, a hundred ships competing for the current, those "good old people "," Taiping officials "," wall grass" and the new era, how to achieve, how cannot bad things, not delay the event? Now, the mission before the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups is more glorious, the task is more arduous, the challenge is more serious, and the work is greater. To fight bravely and bravely is what we Communists should look like.


The difference is human. The so-called \"people do not follow the rate, do not believe in the body.\" Leading organs and leading cadres are the key to our Party's success. Therefore, leading cadres are called \"key minorities \". This year is a decisive year to build a well-off society in an all-round way, to win the battle against poverty with precision, and to achieve the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan. The more severe and complicated the situation, the more it is necessary for leading organs and leading cadres to remain firm and move forward, and the more arduous and arduous the more they are, the more they need leading organs and leading cadres to take on the task first and conscientiously. Xi's remark was a tribute to the leading doers, and a slap in the face to those bureaucrats who have only moved on.