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Iran has repeatedly warned the U.S. to take revenge after U.S. President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike on Iraq's Baghdad airport in the early hours of January 3 to \"decapitate \"Iranian ace Suleimani.


Trump stabbed the horseshive, scaring Americans. The governor of Chang'an Street noticed that these two days,\" World War III \",\" avoid conscription \"have been on Twitter hot search. At the same time, Mr. Trump's stance has softened from being tough, making excuses for air strikes and calling out Iran for negotiations. On Wednesday, Trump also attended the launch of the \"Evangelical Support for Trump\" coalition in Miami, where he claimed God was \"on our side.\"


Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei promised \"hard revenge \"; Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Iran and \"freedom in the region \"would retaliate; Iran's ambassador to the United Nations, Ivan Ravanhi, said the U.S. killing of Iran's General Sleimani was a \"war act \"and that Iran \"will surely retaliate, a brutal retaliation \".


Ismael Carney, the new commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps \"Al-Quds Brigade,\" warned the United States on Wednesday:\" Let's tell everyone, be patient and you'll see the bodies of Americans all over the Middle East.\"


In addition, CNN reported on the 4th, because of fear of the outbreak of war to be conscripted themselves, a large number of young Americans poured into the recruitment website consultation, once led to the U.S. military service registration bureau official website paralysis, hot words \"avoid conscription\" fire all over the network.


On the same day, Trump spoke on television saying it was he who ordered the launch of an air strike against Iranian General Suleimani. After the successful air strikes, Trump was very tough.


Trump tweeted a picture of the American flag the first time since the news of Suleimani's death. Although there are no words, but the strong attitude conveyed everyone understand.


On Wednesday, Trump also attended an event launched in Miami by the \"Evangelical Support for Trump\" alliance. At the event, he openly called himself the restorer of faith and claimed that God was \"on our side \".


It was his first public appearance since he ordered the killing of Suleimani. The New York Times captured a photo of the scene that resembled a \"success \".


The 《 guardian quoted al-jazeera as saying that the general, along with mr suleimani, had a strong anti-american stance and had always adhered to the principles of the islamic revolution. In 2017, he told Iranian media that U.S. President Donald Trump's "threat to Iran will harm the United States... We buried a lot of... People like Trump know how to fight America.


In the early hours of the morning of the 5th, Trump abruptly changed his previously softened attitude, tweeting that he threatened Iran,\" If Iran attacks an American base or any American, we will launch some new and beautiful equipment at them without hesitation!\"


The \"52\" figure mentioned in Trump's tweet also highlights the US-Iranian feud, according to opinion analysis. In 1979, following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the American Embassy was occupied and 52 American diplomats and civilians were taken hostage.


People from about 70 cities took to the streets to protest against government action on Thursday. They held up slogans and shouted \"No war!\" \"Withdraw from Iraq!\" And so on, demanding U.S. troops evacuate Iraq.


In the US media's view, Trump is making a big bet. CNN reported on Wednesday that Trump's decision to attack senior Iranian officers in the air became his most dangerous gamble yet, betting on the lives of others and his own political fate.


The United States has repeatedly \"targeted\" terrorists. But Suleimani is not a terrorist, but a senior state activist and representative of the legitimate government of the UN member states. Russian media believe that the murder of the United States overtly crossed one of the red line of international politics.


What's next? An analysis of the russian news agency's january 3 article said iran's tensions with the u. s.will see a new escalation, but it won't be the trigger for the war.


The article commented that the killing of iranian generals exposed the weakness of the united states, the continued loss of political status in the middle east, and the inability of the united states to challenge moscow in syria or tehran in iraq. Not so long ago, the United States, with its military prowess, was only able to carry out special operations to target the undesirables.